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  1. C

    New From Hampshire

    Hi, I am new to this site though I have been visiting abandoned places for a while, I have not really been documenting it, just kinda tagging along with some friends as a thing to do. Think I best keep this short and sweet and hopefully will be able to be posting some ok reports on places soon :D.
  2. R

    New to being a member....regular reader and explorer!

    Hi, I’m from North Wales. I’ve been exploring for around 11 years. I’ve only seemed to go to the same places over several years and seeing the decay of beautiful places! I’m about to visit somewhere soon so I will post updates - reports once I have visited with photos. I follow pages on social...
  3. M

    New Member

    Hi I'm a new member on here, however not a stranger to urban exploring. I've been to a fair few derelict places, some small, some big which I suppose I should put reports of those up that I got some good pictures and info for? I Thought it was about time to get on here to share my adventures...