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north devon

  1. A

    North Devon

    I'm sure some that will know of the 'hidden' ww2 communication bunkers dotted around the coastline, the remaining sections of railway, tunnels and various other structures from the 50/60's along with multiple smuggling and mining tunnels that are within the North Devon area. I'm looking for...
  2. TBexx

    Lead or Rumour info - Underground Reservoir - Bishops Tawton, North Devon

    Was out on our government sanctioned walk yesterday when I stumbled on the hatch for what I initially thought might be a ROC post. Spotted two little cast iron vents, did a little research, and it seems that it is in fact a subterranean reservoir which was sold off by SWW in 2009. The hatch...
  3. Finnegan

    Report - Mountfield House - Musbury, Axminster, Devon - 04/05/18

    Visited this building the other day, was a cool location worth checkin out. It was built in 1865 and seems to be split into 4 dwellings. The building is pretty hidden and not visible from the road, but can be found on google maps if you have a look around on satellite mode. It is straight...
  4. eddsup

    Brackenside House near Bideford Devon May 2018

    Went to this one last night but recently all boarded up tight so only pictures of outside I’m afraid. No cameras but security lights for night time. If you had a ladder could of got access through upstairs window. They even blocked up all the outbuildings. Might try another day. Built approx...