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north east england

  1. Markknights94

    Report - Ewart Newtown Park, Wooler, July 21

    Ewart Newtown Park was an estate built by Count Horace St Paul in the 1780s. It stayed in the family until 1937 when Horace IV inherited the estate upon his father's death. However Horace had to pay off his father's debts and had nothing left to run the estate. The family left but the house was...
  2. lucyconnolly13

    Report - Abandoned Police Headquarters Newcastle - April 2018

    Hey guys, just wanted to share some cool photos I took from an explore of an abandoned police station located in the North East of England from April/May this year. FYI (I was granted special permission to explore this site, the site has now been bought and is under construction and is...