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  1. Boots432

    Report - Mootlaw quarry- Northumberland

    Took a drive up in my bike, after looking at other reports I was expecting buildings of some sort. Sadly i was dissapointed. As all the buildings had been demolished leaving only the odd shack. Not entirely sure about the history on this but I presume it was an gravel quarry of sorts or lime?
  2. Shauna30

    Report - Dalesway Lodge Motel, Scotch corner. 15/01/21

    Visited Dalesway Lodge Motel last night after seeing a few pictures on here... The motel is situated on a main road but as we went quite late, there weren't too many cars. Really easy to access without being seen.. There were no furniture left in here at all, it had been completely stripped...
  3. F

    Report - Abandoned Factory Ebchester March 2020

    First time exploring and found this abandoned roof tile factory that sits just to the North of the River Derwen on the hillside above Ebchester, County Durham. It was previously owned by Marley Roof Tiles and we found some paperwork dated from 2015 but don’t know when it ceased operations as...
  4. lucyconnolly13

    Report - Abandoned Police Headquarters Newcastle - April 2018

    Hey guys, just wanted to share some cool photos I took from an explore of an abandoned police station located in the North East of England from April/May this year. FYI (I was granted special permission to explore this site, the site has now been bought and is under construction and is...
  5. Alice o123

    Report - RAF Brunton Northumberland : 2018

    When searching for places to explore, I stumbled across this rather interesting abandoned site; An abandoned Northumbrian airfield about 10 miles north from Alnwick. It was opened in 1942 for the purpose of pilot training in Northumberland and contains 3 runways and many buildings and bunkers...
  6. Provingdemons

    Report - Blaydon ciu, Gateshead, April 2018

    Was on a trip upto Scotland, while stopped at a red light I noticed this abandoned club to my left so I had to see if I could explore it. Sure enough I found an entrance and was happy to take some snaps for a report! Honestly I don't know a thing about this place, but it had some cool pieces...
  7. Alice o123

    Report - Redpath Bros Vehicle Maintenance Workshop

    Two weeks ago, I decided to have another look around the town of Wooler after previously driving through it to get to Ewart Park Mansion (another, fantastic abandoned location). Whilst passing through, I picked up on more possible abandoned places that I could return to explore. One that made...