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  1. MK83

    Report - Llywarch Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - Ceiriog Ucha, Wrexham, North Wales - December 23

    Llywarch Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel is a pretty standard small Welsh Chapel built in 1891. Theres very little history about this place online. The Chapel itself is in pretty good condition and has few nice features. Thanks for looking.
  2. AzzaB

    Report - North Wales Hosptial, Denbigh - November 2023

    I know this has been done to death but I thought I would post a recent report on this amazing property so people can see the current state of the property and also our experience getting into the property as a few people have had varied experiences based on past reports. I and a mate visited...
  3. MK83

    Report - Padeswood Hall - Buckley, North Wales - October 2023

    Padeswood Hall was built around 1865 by William Fiddler the owner of Padeswood Colliery. It seems to have been his residence until the closure of the colliery around 1900. From that point there isn't a lot of info on the place other than a couple of references to other private residents of the...
  4. dansgas1000

    Report - Octel Bromine Works, Amlwch, North Wales - May 2023

    Introduction I’m currently going through some of my older photos from earlier in the year. On our annual trip to Wales, me and @JakeV50 went to take another look at the old Octel Bromine Works site in Anglesey. I wanted to revisit to get a few pics with the camera as I previously only used my...
  5. MK83

    Report - Wrexham Cemetary Mortuary - Wrexham, North Wales - september 23

    History- This mortuary was built in 1930's as an overspill for Wrexham War memorial hospital. Many fatalities of ww2 passed through here including both British and enemy Air crews. The victims of an RAF bomber crash near Bwlchgwyn in January 1943 were some of the last bodies to pass through the...
  6. MK83

    Report - Melin Gwna - Bodorgan, Anglesey - July 23

    This has been posted a couple of months ago but we really liked it so posting our take on it. We've done a few watermills recently from fully intact to ruins and this place is one of our favourites, we're working our way through posting them all. History - There has been a mill on this site...
  7. MK83

    Vaynol Mausoleum - Bangor, North Wales - May 2023

    History - This Victorian mausoleum was built in the 1870s for the Assheton-Smith family, which owned the Vaynol estate and the Dinorwig slate quarry. Thomas Assheton-Smith, who had developed the slate quarries, was buried in 1858 in Hampshire, where the family had another home, but later members...
  8. MK83

    Report - Nant y Gadwen manganes mine - Rhiw, North Wales - May 2023

    This was a revisit, did a report on this quite a while ago but we'd never done any underground and our shots were terrible. Always wanted to do a better job and while in the area decided to have another stab at it. Link to original report Report - - Nant y Gadwen Manganese Mine - Rhiw, Lllyn...
  9. dansgas1000

    Vaynol Mausoleum, Parc Menai, North Wales - May 2023

    Introduction Me and @V50jake visited this one on our recent exploring trip to Wales. We have seen it before but wanted to get some better photos and take another look. History & Information The Grade II Listed Mausoleum is situated on the 500-acre Vaynol Estate, this section of the estate is...
  10. Webbs0710

    Report - Deep Mine Headstocks, Part 2, Wales & Cornwall, Various Locations, 2022-23

    Here's part two of the remaining headframes in the country. Other than Chatterley Whitfield, the South Wales Coalfield definitely has the best remaining colliery infrastructure I would say. The amount left in Cornwall was rather surprising, made for a decent day out though! Be a while until part...
  11. dansgas1000

    Report - Cemaes Bay Brickworks, Anglesey - May 2022

    Introduction This is a place I wanted to tick off whilst on my North Wales exploring trip back in Spring. I wasn’t expecting much and although there isn’t much to it, I quite liked this place and I found some history on it so I thought it was report-worthy. History & Information Cemaes Bay...
  12. Webbs0710

    Report - Alyn Brick, Tile and Terracotta Works, Coed Talon, May/July 22

    Finally got around to visiting here for the first time earlier in the year on an Urbex trip to North Wales. Didn't do much research prior to the explore, so I went only expecting the remains of a brickworks, I didn't realise the site has been used by various industries over it's life. The...
  13. MK83

    Report - Bontddu Hall - Dollgelau, North Wales - October 2022

    An update post on this place, It was very popular a couple of years ago but we never got round to seeing it. We happened to be staying nearby for the night and always fancied a look so went for mooch around. Attempts have been made to secure it recently by the looks and every interior door is...
  14. MK83

    Report - Porth Ysgaden - Tudweiliog, North Wales - July 2022

    Reposting this due to the website rebuild. Had to re-write the history so unsure if I missed anything that was in the previous report. The harbours at Porthysgaden have been in use for centuries, Prehistoric objects found in this vicinity include the butt half of a Neolithic axe head and a...
  15. MK83

    Report - Llanbedr Hall - Ruthin, North Wales - February 22

    History - The earliest records we can find of the hall date back to around 1630 when it was owned by John Thelwall. It stayed in the Thelwall family until 1811 when it was sold to Rev. Roger Clough, he then sold it to Joseph Ablett in 1831. Joseph Ablett was a justice of the peace and high...
  16. MK83

    Report - Greenfield Mills and Battery Works - Holywell, Flintshire, Wales - January 22

    History - This site comprises the remains of the battery works and below it further down the valley the remains of some cotton mills, the whole site is a scheduled monument. The Battery Works were established in 1776 by the Parys mine company after discovering copper on Parys mountain on...
  17. E

    Report - Northop Hall Hotel, North Wales - Jan 2022

    The owner of the hotel apparently disappeared with many engaged couples deposits... On time on visit the hotel was open and empty... rooms in good condition.. not trashed and looted. Alcohol still behind the bar and tables set out for event. Went back a few days later and now secure with notice...
  18. MK83

    Report - Porth Wen Brickworks - Anglesey, North Wales - January 2022

    We haven't managed to get any exploring done for a few weeks so for 2022 we decided to get back on it with a trip to North Wales. This place has been covered loads on here but it's one we've always wanted to see and was our first visit of the day. History - Porth Wen brickworks was built in the...
  19. MK83

    Report - Gem Brickworks/Clwyd Alloys - Coed Talon, North Wales - November 2021

    Decided to check this place out as we were passing through the area. We like industrial explores being reclaimed by nature and this place is definitely on the extreme end of that spectrum! History - In 1892 a bed of fireclay was discovered near to Coed Talon and a brickworks was subsequently...
  20. GRONK

    Report - The Queens Arcade, Rhyl - August 2021

    August 2021 The Visit Okay, so before I go any further with the report, let my say that I wasn't planning on posting this one up, as far as I am concerned I left it way too late. However I have seen I the question pop up in L&R a few times as to whether someone had managed to tick this one off...