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  1. motoguzzi

    Report - Wolf Cleugh Farm, Weardale - September 2020

    Can’t find much info on this farm but it appears to of been derelict for quite some time. The place is pretty wrecked (part of it has completely collapsed) and empty but still makes for some decent pictures. Shot on Kodak Portra 800 and Ilford FP4: Cheers for viewing!
  2. B

    Report - Red Alert at Redcar (Teeside steelworks 2019)

    This is the first Report in a very long time, it seems anything I once uploaded has since been lost. Pictures are not wonderful, hopefully the story will excuse them to a degree and you might glean a sliver of wisdom, if you choose to make a visit to the Steelworks. To kick off, I will...
  3. M

    Report - Alnwick Care Home, Northumberland, March 2019

    Care home closed in 2015 at Christmas time, deemed inadequate and rated the lowest of four ratings under the new inspection regime. the residents and families had been informed the care home will close and the care home tried helping find them new homes. there's not a whole lot of history to...
  4. U

    Report - Dunston Hill Hospital 2018

    We’re new here and a little background info is that we have been exploring as a group for a few years and now we have started to document it more with more pictures and more places and take it more serious. This is a few pictures of our visit to Dunston Hill Hospital