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  1. M

    Question - Possible Bunker - Northern Ireland

    Hi all, There exists a disused water works near me that is fenced off. I have explored it before and it is completely abandoned and in disrepair. However while there a nearby fenced area caught my eye. It appears to be an underground structure. Maybe an old pumping station but it seems very...
  2. D

    New to this - wondering if there are any meet ups in Northern Ireland? Preferably Belfast/Bangor and surrounding areas

    As per the title. I’m looking to find a community of people who may be able to show me a few spots. I understand we don’t just share locations off the bat, so info regarding any meet ups in the coming days or weeks would be excellent. 28 year old man if that matters! I’m an amateur photographer...
  3. J

    Question - Locations Northern Ireland

    Hi I currently live in Northern Ireland and do a lot of exploring but I’m running out of places to go to , I currently have a tiktok page on exploring which is very popular with one of the videos getting more than half a million views. Would anyone be able to give me any good locations or be up...
  4. hhh

    Report - Cushendall ROC post, Northern Ireland - April 2017

    Layde Road, Cushendall, County Antrim, Northern Ireland 55.106493, -6.0504949 Situated just over the fence (next field) from a couple of masts. Surface Features remain intact, there is a steel sleeve over the top of the access shaft with flat bar welded over the cover, at some point someone...
  5. Ben - Northern Ireland

    Looking for locations - Northern Ireland

    I've been wanting to do a bit of urban exploration for a good while now but its hard to find google locations as they have all been demolished or badly vandalise and in most cases closed up so there isn't any way in. So I was wondering if there is anyone of this forum that knows of any locations...
  6. Urbex_NI

    Report - RR Factory, Co. Down June 2020. PIC HEAVY

    This factory originally opened in 1966 to make aircraft enginges, the company got into financial difficulties in 1971 and the factory finally closed in 1977. In 1979 the site reopend under a different name to make car seat belts, it stayed open until 2004 when production finally ceased due to...
  7. J

    Belfast - upper crescent

    Hi all There is a row of terrace buildings in the Botanic Area of Belfast on Upper Crescent that have been derelict for as long as I can remember. Just beside the Kainos offices behind the Crescent Arts Centre. Passed by them today and I noticed building work being done on them and was...
  8. Jamie221094

    Northern Ireland. Anyone interested in exploring

    Anyone in Northern Ireland interested in some exploring? (After covid) I know few place and also been to few
  9. K

    Question - NI Urban Exploring locations 2019

    Hello everyone, My desire is to dedicate this forum to help all those who live in the Northern Ireland Area to find places to explore. Please feel free to comment any known locations! Let's get a bit of repour going. Thank you
  10. Jamie221094

    Lead or Rumour info - Anyone interested in exploring Northern Ireland

    Anyone interested in doing some explores or know some places I know few but friends are that interested in it now
  11. B

    Northern Ireland Belfast explore

    Who’s up for a bit of urban exploring today in Belfast 3 spots planned let me know
  12. B

    Hi guys just checking in

    Hi everyone I’m an avid urban explorer based in Northern Ireland , we’ve already done a lot of different locations and are planning loads more we explore every week and always try to get as many pictures and relevant information to the locations as possible although sometimes this can be hard...
  13. nikkicbex31

    Brother and sister cottage

    I really don't have very much info on the history of this little spot, from what little I can gather a brother and his sister lived out their later years here together. when i got there it was in a pretty bad state and most of the contents scattered throughout, but there was still lots of...
  14. K

    Lead or Rumour info - Helens Bay, Northern Ireland

    I recently discovered a building very close to where I live, it was dark so I didn't take a photo, however I have left a screenshot from Google maps. I found this from the coastal path and went for a look, it is completely empty and locked from the outside. The strange thing is there was a light...
  15. Jamie221094

    Lead or Rumour info - Anyone looking to come out on explore

    There few places I have in mind but my friends are too busy to go out anyone in Northern Ireland looking drop me message
  16. Brookeexplores

    Report - Cairndhu House/Hospital - Northern Ireland

    First of all I'd like to say Hi! This is my first post here, I've always been interested in Urbex and followed the site for a while. I moved to Northern Ireland three years ago and a few days ago I finally got to do a explore here... A little history on Cairndhu House... Cairndhu House was...
  17. BlackJack897

    Newbie from Northern Ireland

    Hi! So I've been lurking on the forum for a little while before uploading anything. My name is Sarah, I'm from just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have many hobbies and exploring being one, for me though its more photography and capturing the feeling/derelict/absence of people etc. I...
  18. Jamie221094

    Report - Tain holiday village

    Tain holiday village from what i found was the holiday park opened in 1993 and closed in 2007 there was fire in main building. Place was really easy go get into and was intresting to walk around, there were many other building. And would really like take other drive up to it. Climbing frames...
  19. Amateur

    Need a new group. (Belfast)

    Hey all. I’m a young guy looking for a few reliable people to explore some abandoned places. Anyone who is near/in Belfast. Decently new to this stuff and had plans to do it with friends but they are pussies. Thanks and hit me up if interested