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  1. James Thomas

    Hi from Manchester - Exploring the North West

    Hi all, Currently living in Manchester. Moved here just before the Pandemic and not yet explored the area yet. I'm originally from Northwich, Cheshire and dome a bit of exploring there many many years ago including Lostock Power Station and RAF Cranage. Looking forward to posting some...
  2. Pixels

    Report - Lostock Power Station, Cheshire - June 2016

    Lostock Power Station, originally owned by Bowman Thompson & Company, was one of the UK's last remaining coal-fired power stations. It was later sold to Brunner Mond in 1900 and produced sixty tonnes of soda ash a day, increasing to 800 tonnes a day by 1926 with all of the Brunner Mond assets...
  3. Webb7 Photography

    Report - Bludgeoned Bungalow - Northwich - July 2019

    History After visiting this building and coming out of the property, we got speaking to a couple of the locals and asked about the history of this place. Safe to say we were shock and surprised to find out the story behind this one. The couple who had owned this property had been together for...