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  1. GRONK

    Report - ODEON Cinema, Gloucester - February 2024

    February 2024 The Visit Whilst in the area, me and @stranton decided to take a quick look at this one. Having seen @Seffy's excellent report a few days earlier and intrigued to see it for ourselves, we made our way in. Once in, it was very apparent that someone was still taking care of the...
  2. Seffy

    Report - Former Odeon Cinema / Top Rank Bingo Club, Gloucester - February 2024

    Odeon Cinema / Top Rank Bingo Club / Mecca Bingo, Gloucester Some history of a brief nature: Firstly, I have to give full credit to @WhoDaresWins for this lead. It wasn't even on my radar until he mentioned it a short while back; Gloucester isn't a place that either of us really frequent...