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  1. T_Explorer

    Report - Methodist Central Hall/Que Club in Birmingham (1/5/2024 - 2/5/2024)

    Hello, Everybody... I have recently explored the Methodist Central Hall/Que Club, and I was able to take pictures and shoot footage the next day. The Brief History Methodist Central Hall in Birmingham was built 1903–1904. Seating in the main hall for 2,000 worshippers, and more than 30 other...
  2. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    St Luke's Chapel- Runwell Asylum, Essex- August 2019

    The asylum is now part demolished and renovated. There is a photo included of the renovated building, apologies for the bad quality and lighting. The same fate is to happen to the chapel so I'm glad I got to see it pre renovation and get a sense of the history. History: "The foundation stone...
  3. eddsup

    Tregada Chapel Launceston

    This location has been posted before. Also known as Bastard Church/Chapel because of a family surname bastard buried here. But forgot to take picture of those gravestones. Been closed for some time as you can see. Not much to be found history wise either. There are two buildings. The main...