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  1. moldandasbestos

    Lead or Rumour info - Glynllifon Country House, Caernarfon

    Recently been bought by a developer from manchester (2022) Have seen very few videos online about it seeing it's publicity and condition. Just wandering if anyone knows whether it's in renovation/renovated etc Doesn't seem to be recent updates online Estimated value according to the daily post...
  2. Jamie221094

    Report - Belvoir Park Hospital, Belfast - Nov 21

    Was just a quick visit to belvoir park hospital so didn't get much photos hopefully stay longer at next visit little bit about the site opened as the Purdysburn Fever Hospital in 1906. The facility became known as Montgomery House in 1953 and it then became Belvoir Park Hospital in the 1960s...
  3. T

    Video - Park hall house - September 2019

    Hello everyone we was leaving park hall hotel and we come across this beautiful building not sure how many posts have been made on this but it’s a really nice building.
  4. T

    Video - Camelot theme park

    Hello everyone this is about our 5th time to Camelot. I think we got a lot more footage on this one compared to our other videos
  5. A Train

    Report - Bletchley Park, July 2018.

    So, this place needs no introduction. Video: I'm a lazy sod and I am yet to edit it. Photos: Right, That'll do.
  6. stevewalpole

    Report - bretons outdoor centre rainham Essex changing rooms,toilets 2016-2018

    old disused changing rooms bretons outdoor centre rainham Essex these had toilets and showers in the changing room used for football,sports.I think they closed late 1990s early 2000s and have been abandoned for many years many pipes and showers and lot of metal has been taken and is becoming...