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  1. astatine

    Experienced Rooftopper/ Urbex looking for a partner that lives in or near Bromley, Kent to go on madnesses.

    Hello, I live in the bromley area and I’ve done a lot of rooftopping and crane climbing around my area. I’ve even jumped into the Thames from Tower Bridge () I live in Bromley, Kent and am looking for someone who’s experienced or just all around dedicated to exploring abandoned and weird...
  2. 3

    Exploring Partner Needed (Manchester)

    I may be new to this page but I’m not new to Urban Exploring. Just lost my exploring partner to sunny Spain & other friends just ain’t interested. So I need new urbexing friends. Im 32 from South Manchester & enjoy mostly exploring subterranean stuff. I’m not in to exploring for likes & follows...
  3. S


    Hi All, Have explored RAF Coltishall's officers mess in Norfolk recently on a bit of a solo effort. Ultimately I would like an accomplice to do this stuff with, I don't mind a risk or two but doing this stuff alone especially for the more risky stuff which tends to be the more interesting is...