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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - Penallta Colliery, South Wales - August 2022

    Introduction I visited this and some other places on a short exploring trip around South Wales in summer last year. The main attraction for me was the main powerhouse and the headstocks so this report focuses more on these. I would have liked to have looked at the Bathhouse nearby though but as...
  2. Webbs0710

    Report - Penallta Colliery, Hengoed, South Wales, March/April 2022

    Haven't seen this posted in a little while, and Penallta is definitely one of the favourite colliery explores I have done, so why not! Not sure how much longer it'll remain though, 2 of the smaller buildings have already been converted into housing, and I believe similar is planned for the...
  3. meganjenks

    Report - Penallta Colliery, South Wales - January 2020

    I've always loved exploring around this spot, purely because there's always something new to find whenever I go there. Outdoors, the winding wheels still exist and still turn (in the wind). You have to climb through a gap in the fence to get to these structures properly but a majority of the...