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  1. AlikaiCoxy

    Report - Robertson House/Treloar Hospital, Hampshire - March 2022

    The History This hospital was founded in 1901 for sick and wounded soldiers returning from the Boer War. It was originally called the Princess Louise Hospital. When the hospital was finally ready for use, the war had ended. The Royal Army Medical Corps still used the hospital up until 1905. Sir...
  2. AlikaiCoxy

    Report - Node Court - Codicote - March 2022

    The History Node court was built for the American businessman Carl Holmes in 1928 by Maurice Chesterton. Entering the building, you walk under an archway with single story wings on either side of it. At the back end of the property there is a two-storey cottage with a timber frame balcony...
  3. A

    Newbie Here

    Hey Guy's & Gal's My name is Aaron and i have done 1 or 2 explore's in my lifetime and really enjoyed i am currently residing in Rock Ferry Merseyside! I am also a photographer and i want to delve into urban exploring photography and i am strugglimg to find places near by or ones that are...
  4. AlikaiCoxy

    Report - Thorpe St. Andrew's Hospital, Norwich - June 2021

    Aaaaaagh! First Report Time! - Please leave some constructive criticism for me! - Also, please correct me if I have any information incorrect! History The original hospital building, opened in 1814, was designed by Francis Stone. In 1849, John Brown designed and built the wings to the ward...