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  1. molly wicks

    Report - Musbury House, East Devon - August 2017

    Travelled about 4 hours for this hidden gem and boy was it worth it unfortunately this house has been abandoned a long time and the weather had really taken a toll! However this family definitely left in a hurry as there was so much left behind but always remember my fellow explorers leave...
  2. molly wicks

    Report - Brick & Tile, Selborne

    This was a very nice little hidden treasure tucked away in the middle of nowhere honestly couldn’t tell you much about the history but was a nice little explore very easily accessed and no security whatsoever always the best
  3. T

    Lead or Rumour info - Noob needs leads

    Me and a few of my mates are new to urban exploring and are really struggling to find places. We started to use the 'hell on earth treasure map' but in all honesty it's a bit shit. We mainly want to gain access for photography/videography. We are from Barnsley (Yorkshire) but are willing to...
  4. Markoj96

    Report - Bangour mental hospital / asylum, bathgate scotland edinbugh

    we went to bangour hospital at night. Did avoid security and get in and out safe. Used a cannon bridge camera for the pictures but had to keep the flash low to avoid being caught. This is our first post and we have a YouTube- urban hounds96 Thanks for looking :)