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    Heyo, Said The Northener in the South

    Hey Everyone, I'm Skelly, Sam Whatever you wish to call me. I've explored a handful of sites on my travels so far but still feel new to the game, previously it's always been I notice something i have a look, but now i'm getting the search and seek bug haha. I'm an aircraft engineer who's...
  2. HampshireAbandonedExplore

    Newbie to 28dayslater but not new to urbex

    Hey guys! I'm new to 28dayslater but I've been doing urbex for a while now! I'm based in Portsmouth and I try and explore as much as Hampshire as possible but lockdown decided to make that difficult! Thanks
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    Southsea police station - July 2019

    In 1927 the Portsmouth Corporation Transport company purchased 3 acres of land in Eastney to build the new Eastney bus and tram depot and transport head office. In the 90's after deregulation the company became part of Portsmouth city bus and the depot was knocked down to become a housing...
  4. jakedavi

    Report - Abandoned ODEON Cinema - Northend, Portsmouth.

    ODEON Cinema - Northend, Portsmouth. I'm a photography addict and am fairly new to Urban Exploration. I find it so interesting to see history of places you either visited as a child or places so old like WW2 shelters. Me and a friend decided to visit the old Abandoned Odean Cinema in...