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  1. P

    Report - St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Preston - May 2022

    07/05/2022 Very surreal experience visiting St. Joseph’s Orphanage. Best get there quick if it’s on your to do list because part of it is being demolished soon. Just a heads up the local youths like to hang out in there and smash things up during the day. The way in is just diagonal from the...
  2. Chickadea

    Report - St Joesphs - Preston. June 2021

    An old one and much more of a derp these days however after trying and failing for a solid 7 years I found a way in. History: St Josephs orphanage for Roman Catholics girls was opened in Preston, Lancashire in September 1872. It's existence owed to Mrs. Maria Holland who gifted £10,000 to the...
  3. RJMmcr

    Report - St Joseph's Orphanage, Preston - June 2019

    St Joseph's Hospital was erected on Mount Street, Preston in 1877 by Mrs Maria Holland for the benefit of the sick poor. It was opened in 1879 and run by the Sisters of Charity of our Lady Mother of Mercy, who also ran St Joseph's Orphanage in Theatre street. In 1884, it opened up two rooms as...
  4. N

    Question - Best places in and around Preston ?

    Hello my name's Nathan and me and my mate have been looking for a good place to go and explore in the preston or nearby places e.g chorley. We have looked at all the most well know like St Joseph's but to no avail as when we went we discovered that there was many builders doing it up for the...
  5. The Little Nuisance

    Report - St. Joseph's Orphanage, Preston - Aug 2018

    Hi my name is Adam, I'm from Wigan (Manchester), and here's my first 'report' on this forum, i've been on 28DaysLater for about a year but I've never posted anything, so here goes... Yesterday i explored the popular Orphanage 'St. Joseph's', it was great, there was very little ways into the...