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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - Booter's Hall Pump House, Norfolk - November 2023

    Introduction Another gem hidden away in the depths of the Norfolk countryside discovered whilst trawling through both old and modern maps. Being only a 40-minute drive away, I decided to head off to see what I could find, and it’s certainly a nice one with lots of see! Visited with @JakeV50...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Lake Farm Pumping Station, West Norfolk - June 2023

    Introduction Continuing our hunt for old pumping stations around the washes in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, me and @V50jake went to check out this and a few other sites last weekend. This is one I found on satellite imagery. It looks quite small on satellite imagery but was actually really nice...
  3. JakeV50

    Report - Southery Pumping Station, Norfolk : April 2023

    Southery Pumping Station While bored one evening, researching old pumps and mills as usual, I stumbled upon a possible pumping station situated in Southery, Norfolk. Being fairly local, me and @dansgas1000 decided to take a drive and see if it was still there. The reference I found to it...
  4. JakeV50

    Report - Apethorpe Pumping Station, Northamptonshire, September 2022

    Apethorpe Pumping Station This small pumping station pops up every once in a while. One quiet Sunday in September I drove around 2 hours just to see this, there was nothing better to do, so I thought why not! There was something very likeable about it and I really wanted to get to photograph...
  5. JakeV50

    Report - Hawarden Corn Mill, Deeside : May 2022.

    Hawarden Corn Mill While on the way back from a few days in Wales ,me and @dansgas1000 decided to give this a look, as we are both partial to a good mill! Constructed in 1769 by millwright Charles Howard under instruction from landowner and local politician Sir John Glynne Bart, Hawarden Mill...
  6. JakeV50

    Report - Hunger Hill Pumping Station, Derbyshire: Jan 2022

    Hunger Hill Pumping Station While visiting the Peak District for a birthday treat, I decided to knock off a few pins I've had marked for a while, one of which was Hunger Hill Pumping Station. Situated just west of Chesterfield, this old pumping station was constructed around the early 1920s...