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  1. TranKmasT

    Report - Seisdon Quarry, Seisdon, June 2019

    I thought I'd give this a look after reading in the Express and Star it was meant to have be closed a the end of 2018. After visiting and finding it to be quite fresh I later found it had been given a reprieve to the end of July...
  2. Mr Sam

    Report - Moel Fferna Slate Mine - Llangollen - May '19

    A grand day out and another mine ticked off! every time I'm blown away by the sheer size of the chambers that really have to be seen to be believed or even just to get a scale of how huge they are, the countless man hours put in to extract the slate doesn't bear thinking about. Theres a few nice...
  3. Mr Sam

    Report - Penarth Slate Mine - Llangollen - Jan '19

    It seemed a great idea at the time... On the drive back from Cwmorthin Slate Mine in north Wales we though instead of sit in Friday evening traffic around Birmingham why don't we kill an hour at Penarth? Well having never been before i had no idea the hike up to the adit was worse than the hike...
  4. Korbanter

    Report - Top Floor Tarmac, Cambridge (near enough), June 2018

    Intro We accidentally discovered this site the day before our visit, after having to cancel a London explore, so with little knowledge we headed there and hoped for the best. The Bulding The site itself (NOW DEMOLISHED) consisted of two buildings and multiple conveyors and towers, a bit like an...
  5. LittleOwl

    Report - Pyle Lime Works - Bridgend - Dec 2018

    Having been taken to this site by a photographer some months ago, I came back a little later down the line to photograph it myself but held off on posting it for some time, at the photographer's request. It was impossible to find any information on this place or why it closed but this lime works...
  6. K

    Report - Crich Quarry - Debryshire - Sep 2018

    First post guy so bare with me, over the weekend me and group off friends when adventuring and stumbled across this old quarry. With machinery still left behind! The views from above the quarry where so nice!
  7. StePaintsalot

    Report - Random Building - Denbigh Quarry - Wales - Aug 2018

    I have been working in Denbigh and drove past the quarry and seen from the road that there are old archways that’s been bricked up or made to garages. There’s quite a lot of foliage so shorts wasn’t the best idea and probably would of been better during the day and not 2am. Anyway I was having a...
  8. BertieBird

    Report - Old Cocking Limeworks, West Sussex, June 2018

    I hope you'll forgive me for making a report on such a heavily reported area. I feel this is my first 'proper' explore where I went to a location and had to actually do some fence hopping and I managed to find the courage to do it by myself! I really enjoyed it and I'm so glad I went. The...
  9. novice_strength

    Question - Newtyle Quarry

    Hi all, Has anyone on here managed to find the Newtyle Quarry mine outside Dunkeld?
  10. L

    Report - Crisp Delph Sandstone Mines - Up Holland - Crow Lane

    We where recently out exploring Up Holland and decided to head down Crow Lane. We came across a rusty gate and mucky path that led us to old ruins of houses and to our amazement and old abandoned sandstone quarry dating back as early as the 1700s. After alot of walking around and investigating...