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  1. W

    Report - RAF Spadeadam abandoned plane, helicopter & more. 09.05.21 0600hrs

    Date: 09 May 2021 0600hrs. Just wanted to share my pictures of this as I haven’t seen many threads regarding this site. You can find out the history behind it pretty easy but not many photos - especially information around Russian Hide people tend to miss! So here are my pictures featuring my...
  2. motoguzzi

    Report - RAF Spadeadam Mock Airfield, Northumberland - September 2020

    Plenty of reports on this but I never tire of seeing them so here’s mine. Used as a mock airfield for nearby RAF Spadeadam, this place was an absolute bastard to get to and possibly the only time you’re guaranteed to get a girl wet by showing her abandoned cold war airplanes. So much of a...