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    Report - NORTH WEALD : REDOUBT - ESSEX - DEC 2021

    Ongar Radio Station.. North Weald Redoubt, ESSEX These were the first buildings we came to.. it served many purposes over the years.. most recently it was home to Ongar Radio Station. The site was ALOT bigger than we expected ☆☆☆ North Weald Redoubt ...
  2. B

    Report - Had a day out exploring a POW camp in Hatfield heath and north weald redoubt in july 2019

    First stop of the day was a POW camp in Hatfield heath which I think was called camp 116 access was easy we went on a Saturday and it was very quiet all the buildings where easy enough to look round and the decaying cars where cool. Second stop was north weald redoubt built in the 1890s again...
  3. Sillyfcuk

    Report - North Weald Redoubt , Essex , May 2018

    Had a little walk around North Weald Redoubt at the weekend. I used to come here a lot and was a bit gutted all the rooms are flooded now. It’s still a great place and managed to get a few good pictures.