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  1. typeR

    Lead or Rumour info - Unknown underground site, White Edge moor, Derbyshire

    Hi all, apologies for the vague information in advance. Yesterday, I was reading an old thread on a local forum about old nuclear bunkers located around the sheffield area. Someone in the thread mentioned that there are bunkers on the moors heading out (east) of Sheffield into the peak district...
  2. SoutheasternExplorer

    Upper Hale Reservoir

    Decided to see whats happening at this site since I was in the area, the top is still concrete capped, however the rear of the reservoir has been exposed, and it is currently being converted into a garage for cars/buses. Still no way in, but it looks like the builders are going to knock through...
  3. LDVincenzo

    Report - Caesar's Camp - Upper Hale Reservoir - Aldershot

    I've been meaning to post this explore for some time now, 2 years later and here it is This is my first explore and so I will keep it brief as I know there are many more comprehensive reports on this site. You are greeted by a vast undulating rooftop with access points dotted around, beneath...