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  1. reisskerr

    New member - Experienced explorer

    Hey guys. Registered for the site a while ago, decided it's time to start using it properly since Facebook is full of vandals. Been urbexing for around 2 years around NW UK.. more specifically Manchester and Liverpool. I explore with my flat mate but would like to get out and meet some new...
  2. DTFreedom

    Report - Soviet Hospital - Ogre, Latvia - June 2020

    I couldn't find much history of this place, I only just found out that it was a hospital - at first I thought it was some sort of office building. The building is located in an industrial area with many similar abandoned buildings, underneath the building there is also a nuclear bunker which is...
  3. M

    Video Report - Grosvenor House Climb, Norwich, Norfolk

    This is my first post so try not to be too mean I know what you guys round here are like. Anyway this is my tallest climb to date and caused a massive kick off when it was discovered by local press Enjoy! https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/norwich-teenagers-rooftopping-youtube-videos-1-6048024