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  1. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Seaton Heights Hotel - Devon - September 2018

    Whilst down at the Jurassic coast accidently came across this gem... When it opened it had a restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool, squash court and sauna. It has been abandoned since 2004/5 and has had numerous offers for planning permission for new hotels and apartments although they have all...
  2. R

    General - Besbrook, Newry. British army base

    I was very paranoid. I have done many abandoned places but this one had me very uneasy for some reason. There was a cinema sauna, bedrooms, shower room, on the second floor. I didn't get to complete the entire building as I had to catch the bus. There supposedly was security but I didn't see...
  3. TrevBish

    Report - Oceade – Brussels - Belgium - October 2018

    Océade was an indoor waterpark in Brussels, Belgium and the largest of its kind in the Brussels Capital Region. Originally part of a 3 park franchise, the other 2 parks located in France, it was the only park to remain in business after the French divisions closed. Running at a loss, the park...