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  1. Hungrybadge69

    Report - Water Tower in Pollok, Glasgow (now demolished)

    I've had these pictures for a while and they where just took on my phone at the time. I've been a observer on this website for a little while and figured I should contribute. This place was located not far from my home, and I believe the structure was demolished in 2015 or round about that...
  2. Jenga

    Report - Old Tanks (Scotland)

    A friend and I had heard rumors of abanoned tanks near our town but only knew roughly where to look. After walking almost 5 miles down country lanes and through woods we eventualy found them. I have no idea about the type of tank perhaps some one else will know? Sadly as you cans...
  3. Markoj96

    Report - Bangour mental hospital / asylum, bathgate scotland edinbugh

    we went to bangour hospital at night. Did avoid security and get in and out safe. Used a cannon bridge camera for the pictures but had to keep the flash low to avoid being caught. This is our first post and we have a YouTube- urban hounds96 Thanks for looking :)