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  1. JakeV50

    Report - Gray's Vehicle Yard, Norfolk : December 2021

    Gray's Yard, Norfolk. Waking up early one cold Sunday morning, I was in the mood to go and have a solo mooch around a nice local place. Grey's yard jumped out at me as it's within half an hour, and I've been wanting to go for ages. No history on Gray's Yard, I don't believe it was an actual...
  2. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History… Browns Service Centre specialised in car mechanics & MOT with an attached car sales room. In 2017, A deliberate blaze was started & the business had nine vehicles destroyed in the flames. Although no info can be found to when Browns closed its doors - the company has since stopped...
  3. Satan_Seeker666

    Report - Glenfield scrap yard Leicester (May 2020)

    So this one I can’t confirm that it’s definitely unused as it has an entry way on a road. But I’ve been several times now and it’s never changed besides this one time I found the remains of a weed farm From trying to work out who it belongs to and anything about it all I’ve found it that it...
  4. Five.Claws

    Report - C.W. Cuff Motor Parts & Salvage, Norwich - June 2019

    So this is a pretty interesting one, and though, sadly I wasn't able to get into the house/main building it still proved to be a really fascinating explore, full of unusual bits and trinkets in amidst the debris. I hadn't realised this until writing the report, but the house part of this site...