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    General - DID IT EVER EXIST IS IT STILL THERE (Smugglers run).. SS3

    I've been looking into the history of Shoeburyness, and heard the story/myth about the RED BRICK HOUSE at the end of Elm rd. The story goes that there was a tunnel that lead down from Red Brick House down to the shore and it was either used for smuggling in things, another story is that there is...
  2. E

    New member looking for new locations around devon

    Hi im Ellie, Last year i visited afew sites which have been destroyed by various people, last night i checked out safari house near totnes messy but still lots of history. I was wondering if anyone else local to the area would be able to advise of any other locations. Many thanks
  3. Xan_Asmodi

    Report - Super Secret Parking HQ Bolton - April 1st 2017

    So I did an derp. I won't be revealing the location or access details because I don't want it adding to the tour route. Same with the history. Kthx, bye!
  4. T

    Report - Rhydymwyn Military Site

    Rhydymwyn Valley Military Site (Near Mold) After viewing an article online about military tunnels near Mold we decided to take a trip out on a random Sunday. The website is unclear about being open to the piblic however after further research it becomes apparent you can join the society and...
  5. J

    Report - Underground Tunnels/Bunkers Portsmouth

    We recently explored the surrounding area here, as it is MOD property there are some strange rules. It seems to be fine to walk through, but the person who told us about this place said if you stand around too long some military police show up and move you on. The areas circled are X2 entrances...