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  1. AndyB67

    General - RAF Sleap - Turret Trainer Building

    Sleap airfield was in use by the RAF from 1943 until 1964 and is now the base of the Shropshire Aero Club - although helicopters from nearby RAF Shawbury still visit. During WW2 the base was used for training by bomber command, and later for training Horsa glider crews. The site is busy with...
  2. kvtie9

    Report - Ivy house, Minsterley, July 2020.

    Visited the ivy house, unfortunately it’s so hard to get history on these types of places. Seems as though a lot of stuff has gone missing since people have previous gone but here’s some photos. Hope you enjoy
  3. oshepherdphotography

    Report - Hare and Hound Pub- March 2018- Shropshire

    I found this pub a few years a go when on the way to my partners house and had wanted to venture inside for months! On the way back from an other explore we stopped off and had a look around. History I don't know much about the pub but I did get some information from a friends parent who...
  4. oshepherdphotography

    Report - The Matriarch House -Shropshire - December 2017

    Back again! Unfortunately I couldn't find much history on this little cottage but its been empty since 2014, it seems that the owner died and there was no family for the house to be left too. I found out about this place from a local Shropshire blogger, Shrewsburyfromwhereyouarenot, he was...
  5. J

    Report - The Wenlock Edge Inn - Shropshire - 2019 - still stands today

    I’ve been to this place a few times. It still fascinates me as to why everything was still there. There’s boxes of glasses, beds, biscuits and kettles from like 2013 there’s planning permission that’s there too. There’s so much there I can’t even reel everything off that’s left. Here’s some...