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  1. FunctionDisruption

    Report - Derelict Building in Lowestoft Port, Commercial Road

    This is a report on a recent exploration of mine. I found this building on Google maps, which lies within Port Harbor. I went on my own. The date of the visit is 2nd June 2021 (02/06/2021) Port Harbor was known for it's extensive fishing business many years ago. Warehouses and ship building...
  2. anulbuttmonkey


    Saw this a few days ago from @Thatsnotme91 's post on the high stuff forum decided to send tower solo and mission success #confetti #yay sent for sunset around 7pm climb up was painful climb down too :banghead I know as far as the previous post did, All pictures are taken on my iphone 6s Im...
  3. RJMmcr

    Report - St Joseph's Orphanage, Preston - June 2019

    St Joseph's Hospital was erected on Mount Street, Preston in 1877 by Mrs Maria Holland for the benefit of the sick poor. It was opened in 1879 and run by the Sisters of Charity of our Lady Mother of Mercy, who also ran St Joseph's Orphanage in Theatre street. In 1884, it opened up two rooms as...
  4. DeviaAngelus

    Report - North Wales Asylum

    Report. Obviously Pool Parc is a popular destination but I managed to get into some places that I've never seen reported on. Managed to access all 4 floors and outbuildings. Definitely worth an explore after being caught by 'security' the other night on our first attempt. Returning on my own...