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south london

  1. Trainee Shrigma

    Report - JB Materials | Beddington, South London

    Been a little bit unmotivated with urbex and posting this report for a bit since I had a run in with the police but I've gotten over it and got back to what I love to do. Found this spot on a late night walk 6/5/22, surprised I haven't found it any sooner considering how close it is to where I...
  2. Trainee Shrigma

    Report - Old Bailey's Garage And Ballroom | Selsdon, South Croydon, London April 2022

    I visited this building earlier today without any prior knowledge to the place being a garage, this was the first building I explored. I couldn't find any history on it at all apart from another report which I'll link here...
  3. LashedLlama

    Report - Draper House, Elephant and Castle - November 2019

    "Oh well, there's always plan B just down the road"... and plan B is exactly what we resorted to! After our initial target for the day didn't quite work out, we made the decision to give one of our backup locations a bash. That being a 25 story tower block...how spectacular! Constructed in...
  4. V

    Report - Abandoned tower block (London, Lewisham)

    Hit up an abandoned tower block in Lewisham last week, check it out here - EDIT We don't host video reports on the main forums, sorry!