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  1. S


    Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself i'm based in southampton and ive been on the search for new haunts however am finding it quite difficult as ive done the whole tour of southampton with no luck. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated (and yes i have...
  2. HampshireAbandonedExplore

    Newbie to 28dayslater but not new to urbex

    Hey guys! I'm new to 28dayslater but I've been doing urbex for a while now! I'm based in Portsmouth and I try and explore as much as Hampshire as possible but lockdown decided to make that difficult! Thanks
  3. A

    Looking for fellow explorers to collaborate with

    Hello guys please be nice lol I’ve been exploring since 2018 I’ve done some cool places but I’m looking for new people to explore with yes I am what you call a YouTube goon but I do love photography and documented old abandoned places of course I’d prefer if you also do filming and of course...
  4. TudgeJ

    Southampton Urbex

    Hi guys, James here- Taken some time away from urbex but looking to get back into it again- safe to say I’ve missed it! I’ve recently moved to Southampton, so I was wondering- what’s the best places you’ve explored in this area? I’ve been all across the country but never really touched upon...
  5. T

    Report - Eastleigh police station - Eastleigh -March 19

    Eastleigh police station was built in 1924 and finally closed in March 2019. I cant find anymore history and the explore was not much longer than that report. After missing out on some other local stations we went in as soon as access was available but it had been partly stripped within a...