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  1. Focalhorizon490

    School for the deaf in Southport

    Originally built in 1904 as a boys boarding school it was taken over in 1948 by the Liverpool School for the Deaf. The name was later changed to the Birkdale School for the Hearing Impared Children. It was eventually closed in 2003 and has been empty since. One end of the building was partially...
  2. Chickadea

    Report - Meadowside bungalow - Ainsdale - Dec 2019

    Info after searching every inch of the internet it has become apparent this place obviously doesn’t exist. All I could find was a petition fighting against the place being knocked down due to it being a great place that provided assisted living for young adults with learning difficulties. The...
  3. R.Victoria

    Report - Egg Farm - Southport (March 2019)

    Visited with @Exploring With Chiggles (First Report - Excuse how bad it is) History Theres very little I can find about this place but: First opened in 1960 and closed in 2007. In 2013 there was a fire which local firefighters managed to contain the fire to one area on the 3 acre site...