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  1. E

    Report - Clawdd Manor, Wales

    This is my first post so i hope its okay! Myself and my partner visited this old Manor house in August 2020. Through researching I found that it is over 100 years old and this home was owned by the Lyne family until 1979 then it was bought and ran as a bed and breakfast. In 1995 is was brought...
  2. Quirkyfox

    General - Wern Works, Briton Ferry South Wales, July 2020

    Wern Works - nestled between the Old Briton Ferry bridge, the canal and the River Neath - was built in the late 1940s after the second World War, according to Briton Ferry West councillor Hugh James, following a death-blow to several older tinplate works I've visted here a few times now, and...