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  1. Brackkkn

    Report - Teddesley Hall Stables (Staffordshire) - June 2022

    Thought I'd post a few pics of a visit myself and a non member friend visited last year, as I haven't seen a post on here as of yet. A brief history of the hall, grabbed from the Internet: Teddesley Hall was built some time between 1742 and 1754 by Sir Edward Littleton, 4th baronet, and was...
  2. Nakedexplore

    Report - The Barn of Virginia Water

    The Barn of Virginia Water Nestled quietly alone in a large field flanked by the nearby mansions of Virgina Water is this group of small farm and stable buildings. Explored Solo in March 2021. The Find. This was a random find that I came across after exploring another location. I...
  3. J

    Bradgate Stables (March 2021)

    Hey guys, first post here not sure if I’m doing this right but... you live and you learn. I’ve seen a few people have been to this location before, wanted to give an update to how it’s doing in 2021. This place was used as the stables for Bradgate house and I believe they were built way back in...
  4. A

    Found an abandoned estate stable block in the woods in Sussex 16th July 2019

    ndoned stables
  5. Torch the porch monkey

    Granaholt Stables, Reykjavik Iceland, May 2018

    hi all. it's ya boi torch, back from 'sploring the land of ice & Fire. during my 20km trek across Iceland I stumbled across this beauty just before I set up camp for the night at a river on the over side of the hill. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything on this place so if anyone has...