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  1. Brackkkn

    Report - Calwich Abbey Fishing Temple (Staffordshire) - Feb 2022

    So this visit was initially made to explore the remains of Calwich Abbey (previously a priory, founded circa 1130) but unfortunately there were a few workers in the yard out front, doing some clearing. Permission was asked to come in and take some photos but we were declined. A little history...
  2. Brackkkn

    Report - Teddesley Hall Stables (Staffordshire) - June 2022

    Thought I'd post a few pics of a visit myself and a non member friend visited last year, as I haven't seen a post on here as of yet. A brief history of the hall, grabbed from the Internet: Teddesley Hall was built some time between 1742 and 1754 by Sir Edward Littleton, 4th baronet, and was...
  3. GRONK

    Report - HSBC / Midland Bank, Stoke-On-Trent - May 2022

    May 2022 I visited with @stranton and @coolboyslim whilst on a tour bus trip to the Potteries. To be honest, I'd completely forgotten about this visit and only recently found the photos on an old SD card. This isn't a massive report, as the building is fairly small and apart from the customer...
  4. Mr Budge

    Report - Leek Railway Tunnel - March 2022

    This abandoned railway tunnel residing in the quite town of Leek in Staffordshire dates back to 1849 when it first opened as part of the North Staffordshire Railway on the Manchester to stoke route carrying goods for the coal and pottery industries and closed its route in 1964. The Northern...
  5. S

    Information - stafford manson

    we have found a old house that has been left due to fire damage.the outside court yard is amazing with walk ways and ponds to relax by. the house is in a pretty bad way but very intresting with owners bits are still around eg clothes,old electric chair,medication and also a locked safe that has...
  6. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Leek Railway Tunnel - August 2021.

    Leek Tunnel - 420yds August 2021. Opened in 1849 as part of the North Staffordshire Railway’s Manchester to Stoke route carrying mostly coal / goods traffic linked to the local potteries. Closed to all traffic in 1964. Very little if any information or history on this tunnel and was only...
  7. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Oakamoor Tunnel - July 2021.

    Oakamoor Tunnel - 497yards Opened in July 1849 the first traffic passed through on the 13th of that month, Oakamoor Tunnel was part of the North Staffordshire Railways Leek to Uttoxeter branch line which ran via Alton or better known as Alton Towers! Constructed mostly of blue brick with stone...
  8. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Silverdale Tunnel - November 2020

    Silverdale Tunnel - November 2020 In 1846 the North Staffordshire Railway gained permission to construct a railway line from Stoke on Trent through Newcastle-under-Lyme partly laid upon Robert Heathcote’s canal. The line ran from Stoke on Trent to Market Drayton in Shropshire, in 1934 the line...
  9. MK83

    Report - Hurst Sand Quarry - Biddulph, Staffordshire - April 2021

    History - There isn't a lot of history available for this place. From what we can find online the quarry has been used for mineral extraction since at least 1877 up until 2014. There were plans to build houses on the site but it seems this has now fallen through. The latest plans are to re-open...
  10. C

    Report - Hurst Quarry, Biddulph, Staffordshire Moorlands. Nr Stoke-on-Trent

    Hi Folks. Just got back into taking photos, as I've been film-making for the last 12 years. Here's one I've not seen posted before - not sure if anyone knows about it. Its easy to get to and there's parking. A bit of info below A large nineteenth and twentieth century sand quarry, probably...
  11. S

    Report - Beech Caves, Staffordshire

    This is my first report here, recently explored Beech caves near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. A brief history (according to what could be found on google); Beech Caves is a system of man made caves which spans an area of about 2400 sq meters. When the caves were first built is unknown, but...
  12. C

    Report - The Big Mill, Leek

    May 2020 visit to The Big Mill, Leek. We visited on a dry day. Access isn't that easy, if you go be prepared to climb and be careful. Internally there is signs of collapse of the floors, and also signs warning of asbestos (although we didn't see any evidence of asbestos). Most floors are...
  13. GRONK

    Report - St Peter's Academy, Stoke on Trent - March 2020

    March 2020 I visited this on on my own one weekday afternoon, I've not seen much from this place and only really became aware of it when I saw the below article appear on Facebook. The school was constructed in 1964 and was subsequently added to over the years with additional buildings, in 2011...
  14. Joshrowlands

    Report - Wagon & Horses, Stoke on Trent, February 2020

    History The earliest known record of the pub is from 1818, with the first record of the name "Waggon & Horses" from 1834. The pub was renamed Potters Lodge, before returning to its original name in 2009 when new owners bought and refurbished the venue. A local resident said it had been...
  15. Ovey

    Report - Claughton Centre Dudley April 21st 2019

    Nice little explore, there was a strange guy inside. Kept away from him. But easy access, easy parking, no security.
  16. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary - Staffordshire - July/September 2018

    NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE ROYAL INFIRMARY Haven't posted on here in a VERY long time so decided to give it a shot again. THE EXPLORE: So this is sort of a joint report of the two times that I went here, once in July with UrbandonedTeam and KingOfBongo, then went again with ExplorerX and a couple...
  17. E

    Report - ROC Weston-on-Trent, Staffordshire

    Hi guys, First post here, so be gentle! I was hoping to get in to this one today, but we were unfortunately too late. The hatch has been sealed with concrete. It's not brand new concrete, but it looks like it's been sealed for good year or so. Apart from that the exterior is still in good...
  18. BullyMong

    Report - Draycott Cross Colliery, Staffordshire, August 2018

    So here we go, something different this time A little history Construction began in 1898 on Draycott tunnel and it opened in January 1909. During its use the tunnel was prone to collapsing and attempts were made to strengthen the tunnel using steel hoops . The section of line between the...
  19. BullyMong

    Report - Down Below, Stoke-On-Trent, July 2018

    Hi guys, i haven't seen a report written on this for a while so here we go. 'Down below' is a storm relief drain found just down the Fowlea brook in stoke, finding it was fairly easy after a bit of trial and error and a bit of map work So off we went over a bridge into the brook and after a...
  20. BullyMong

    Report - Blood Creek, Stoke-On-Trent, May 2018

    Hi all, this is my first report ive written on this website I will keep it short. So me and a friend have been talking about doing this for some time. We decided now was the right time with there being very little rain fall in the past few days. We spent about 2 hours walking once we had...