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  1. CapturedSoulImagesCari

    Report - Sunnyside Asylum, Montrose, Scotland

    So, based on information here my husband and I drove the 40 mile trip down to Sunnyside on Saturday. First yeah parts are full of dog walking grandmothers (met a few, one was full of interesting information) and kids and families... then there was me, my husband and my camera equipment. The...
  2. Geist

    Report - Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Montrose - July 2018

    History (Taken from Canmore) The Royal Asylum of Montrose was founded in 1781 by Mrs Susan Carnegie of Charlton for the treatment of private and pauper lunatics, and was the first purpose-built psychiatric institute in Scotland. Prior to this, insane patients had been housed in the Old Tolbooth...