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  1. pastelpentagram

    Another Surrey Newbie

    Hiya guys! My name is Emily, i'm 31 from Elmbridge in Surrey. Technically i'm not entirely new - I had an account on here a decade ago but it has since been deleted. I used to go exploring with a guy called Andy mostly, also met up someone called Kevin and ant545 - they were all from this site...
  2. Nyxipyx

    New to exploring

    Hey, my names kate, often go by Nyx online, I've always been interested in historical or overgrown abandoned places, ever since I was young girl. Theres something about looking around and marveling in old disused buildings and houses and wondering "what or who were you" or "I wonder what this...
  3. A

    St Peter's Mortuary, Chertsey, Surrey

    June 2019 I know this has been done many times over the years but it's my first "proper" explore (as in planned) and I was excited to see it, so just in case there are any newbies (like me!) reading or just if anyone's interested to see what the condition of the place is like now, here's a post...
  4. Find_Me19

    Report - Longcross Manor 02.19

    First time poster, not too sure if this place had been documented before or not, I can't seem to find any information/background on the place ‍♀️ Nice easy explore, set back from the road a little with the back of the house over looking a golf course however with the trees and grass pretty...