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  1. Ell-Miller98

    Report - Magnet Leisure Centre // Maidenhead // 29-01-22

    I've visited Magnet Leisure Centre a total of three times now. It's clearly a bit of a hotspot now since the last two reports back in late 2021. On all three occasions I bumped into several other explorers (fortunately the friendly, respectful kind). The place is pretty huge and in a varying...
  2. m4dd13z666

    Report - Sports Direct Fitness - Lincoln - December 2021

    So, I have very little history on this place other than it shut recently.. It didn't reopen in April after lockdown I believe. Two newspaper reports say different reasons one has that it was lease renewal issues. The other states : "In the email, Sports Direct Fitness wrote: "As we prepare to...
  3. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Seaton Heights Hotel - Devon - September 2018

    Whilst down at the Jurassic coast accidently came across this gem... When it opened it had a restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool, squash court and sauna. It has been abandoned since 2004/5 and has had numerous offers for planning permission for new hotels and apartments although they have all...
  4. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Pontins Hembsy Holiday Park - Septemeber 2018

    Stumbled across this one whilst out at the coast, left to decay since 2008 due to losing popularity. Since being abandoned Pontins Hembsy had been attacked by arsonists on two occasions, one causing major damage to the main entertainment hall, however the go cart track, rock climbing wall...
  5. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Doctor's Manor House - October 2018

    History: The building, which is known as both 'Manor House' and 'Ivy Farm Manor', belonged to a notorious psychiatrist, Neil Silvester who authorised the release of Carol Barratt from psychiatric care in April 1991 even though she had threatened a young girl with a knife and tried to strangle a...
  6. E

    Report - Stadio Flaminio, Rome, January 2020

    NB: not the best at night photography so sorry for the poor quality At the start of the year I was visiting Rome with some friends to study the architecture of the city and so when we learned of an abandoned Nervi stadium we couldn't pass up the opportunity to check it out. The Stadium...
  7. VDUBJack

    Report - Paddock Gyhll Farm House, Horsham AUG 2020

    This place was a lot bigger then I originally thought... Went for a look around this place some interesting bits but unfortunately it’s pretty battered and decayed, but there are a lot of creepy looking kids toys and baby dolls around which I’d imagine a lot of people have moved for photos but...
  8. motoguzzi

    Report - Ushaw College & Pool, Durham - March 2020

    Done to death but just had my pics developed and thought it may interest some to see a different take on Ushaw maybe?? Idk I've received positive comments on my previous reports regarding my use of film. By far the most photogenic part of this place is the Pool so thanks to the lads I bumped...
  9. Hvdes

    Lead or Rumour info - Durham City Baths Demolished

    Me and my group went to try and get some photos in the Durham city baths, however the demolition has has begun and therefore is no possible entrances and the building will most likely be demolished completely in the next 2 weeks, RIP Durham baths 2k19. Hvdes
  10. D

    Report - Abandoned Naval Base - Ipswich

    LAST VISIT - 23/07/2019 SECURITY - One stationed guard, doesn't move from that spot So I have been to a few places before, but never really been to anything this size before... I initially came to the naval base at night with a few mates and was blown away by the sheer size of the place. So...
  11. U

    Report - Cosgrove Manor - Buckinghamshire - 09/05/2019

    7th October 2016 via BBC News: A fire has gutted a Grade II-listed mansion in Northamptonshire. The fire service was called to the privately-owned Cosgrove Hall, near Milton Keynes, just before 14:30 BST. BBC reporter Stuart Ratcliffe, speaking at the scene, said: "Only the stone shell of the...
  12. xonix

    Report - Yeshiva in Hertfordshire - August 2019

    This is the first place I've been to that hasn't already had a tone of reports for it. So it's my first proper upload. A little bit of history Founded in the late 80s and following the Ashkenazi Orthodox rituals, back in its hay day the boarding school hosted around 200 students. After a safety...
  13. CalMain

    Report - Tides Reach Hotel, Devon - April 2019

    On a very warm, sunny Easter Sunday myself and two friends ventured to South Devon to the Tides Reach Hotel. Being 22C the beach was packed, we had parked up in the Pay & Display car park opposite and spent a few hours enjoying the sandy beach. Patiently waiting for beach-goers to head back...
  14. Proxy23

    Report - Bricket Wood Leisure Centre - Herts - Jan 2019

    A kick start to 2019 with this fairly easy but highly satisfying explore. @WilsonTheHuman, @Carpathian and myself set off headed towards Herts and the swimming pool that has been repeatedly photographed by few aficionados of urbexing. The site lies in the middle of a huge park, alongside a...
  15. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Bricket Wood Sports Centre - St Albans - January 2019 - Part 2

    Ran out of photo space on the previous report so here are the rest of them including the sports hall where someone has clearly had a lot of fun with paint pots, and some of the outsides of some of the other buildings on the site. The place is huge but it looks like the only accessible place is...
  16. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Bricket Wood Sports Centre - St Albans - January 2019 Part 1

    First explore of 2019 after a long break from exploring after I changed jobs (again) and ran out of enough spare time to go wandering! This place was quite a treat! Met up with my good friend @Proxy23 and a friend of hers and off we went to this place! Access to the site was much easier than...
  17. Benjames

    Report - Bricket Wood Leisure Centre, Herts

    Went here today for an explore and was good fun. Closed about 8 years ago and currently waiting to be demolished to be turned into houses. There was a few workers there putting up fences but they didn’t bother us.
  18. BakesFinds

    Report - Abandoned Swimming Pool in Havana Cuba

    Just come back from Havana Cuba which to me one of the best cities in the world to explore safely, only there for 4 days can't wait to go back one day soon. One of my highlights was finding this beautiful abandoned swimming pool by chance!!! Please see other abandoned Havana Cuba finds on my...
  19. TrevBish

    Report - Oceade – Brussels - Belgium - October 2018

    Océade was an indoor waterpark in Brussels, Belgium and the largest of its kind in the Brussels Capital Region. Originally part of a 3 park franchise, the other 2 parks located in France, it was the only park to remain in business after the French divisions closed. Running at a loss, the park...
  20. kernow84

    Report - disused swimming pool complex north cornwall formally part of a hotel

    came across this swimming pool a few days ago, access was easy enough, just straight through the fence! it was part of a large hotel complex that dates from the thirties hotel has been built on, there is an indoor pool aswell but not able to get in