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  1. Lilers

    Newbie from Swindon

    I'm 18, and looking to explore anything else besides the Locarno/Corn Exchange, I've done that about 3 times now, and I think doing something else will be interesting.. my instagram is "vulpxsie" if anyone wants to contact me, it's a silly username, I'm aware.
  2. Kirbzvids

    General - Exploring Old Stagecoach Bus Depot

    This Place Its Mad Seeing Old Bus Parts Left Lying Around Still Knowing The Bulding Has Seen Abit Of Damage Whislt Sat Empety I can't believe the power still even works in this place knowing the state of it it seems the building is not very water tight any more Due To Just Being Left...
  3. ChaoticNeutral

    would absolutely love to join an urbex group..

    Hey! i’m new to this and really want to get into urbexing, I don’t know anyone else who has the same interests and was wondering if there were any local to me in Swindon that I could maybe tag along, bring my camera, I’m down to earth and really friendly! I also don’t mind climbing, getting...
  4. Z

    Lead or Rumour info - George Gay Gardens, Swindon

    What appears to be now abandoned and awaiting demolition, a block of flats which were supported housing for the elderly. I have recce’d the location and there are no obvious ways of entry. One cctv camera spotted near the office. It is earmarked for demolition by Swindon Borough Council.