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  1. Wastelandr

    Report - Thames Estuary Wrecks & Red Sands Seaforts - Aug 2021 & May 2022

    So I've just been flicking back through past pictures, taking a look where my urbex forays began. My interest started probably much like a lot of the pre-social media folk - accidentally stumbling across something abandoned, and after visiting more places, realising there was something called...
  2. Llama

    Report - Battersea B & C Thames Tunnels, London - October 2020

    History: After the completion of the famous Battersea Power Station in 1933, 4 sets of tunnels were bored under the Thames. The first is known as "Battersea Steam Tunnel", which with the clue being in the title, was built to act as a surplus heat discharge outlet, as even when all 4 of...