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  1. C

    Lead or Rumour info - The house of brass, wales rough location?

    Hi All, im trying to figure out where the house of brass is. I have found its in north wales wales and is wrexham. However I have been looking through google satellite for it and street view for it for a while now with no luck. I was just curious if anyone could point me the right way, obvs not...
  2. Webb7 Photography

    Report - The Mains, Highlands Scotland - April 2020

    A time capsule cottage sitting away from civilisation. As usual it's always difficult to find any information from any of these properties. Everything inside the property is very dated. There is not even electricity to the cottage itself, it's all gas operated from the lights to the irons. There...
  3. T

    Report - Maison Popeye - Belgium - 26/01/2019

    Hello again! This report actually finds its origin on the same day of my first and previous report. After a lot of extensive investigation I finally succeeded to find this exclusive and beautiful location. Since the location was nearly completely in tact (apart from some staged furniture...
  4. Clarky1503

    Report - Crofters Arms Hotel, Bolton - May 2018

    Smudges A.K.A The Crofters Arms Hotel or Mcgees was also used as various restaurants over the years and has been a staple part of Bolton's drinking culture since the 1800's. A truly stunning time capsule rotting away in the very heart of the town. Featuring numerous artifacts and some stunning...