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train tunnel

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  1. ashamedphantasm19

    Video - Mapperley train tunnel - Nottingham

    An exploration I did in an old, abandoned train tunnel in 1876 in Nottingham. It was difficult finding this place, but I got there in the end and was very excited when I saw the entrance of the tunnel in the distance between some trees. It wasn’t an easy place to find, being in the middle of...
  2. WateryLemon

    Report - Small expedition to the Camden Rathole - London

    This is my first report, so please leave any tips in the comments :thumb Me and my friends plan on doing a full exploration of the Camden Rathole is a few weeks, however this was just to find a reliable entrance in and out, and a small investigation to see what’s inside. before our adventure...
  3. louisdee

    Video - Untouched Train Graveyard

  4. P

    Report - Abandoned train tunnel

    1132 yards long. So I went to an old abandoned train tunnel with tonight, it was amazing but I was way too spooked to finish it! If anyone in the Notts area area ever wants to take a look and doesn’t mind the company me and my boyfriend would love to join you!