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  1. dannyburn

    Report - Blackpool’s Lost Tram Graveyard, Lancashire, April 2021

    Brief History: These trams were supposedly bought by a private individual back in 2011. Something happened financially causing a default ownership to be passed onto a tram heritage trust. These trams operated in blackpool between the 1960s- 2000s. Thats all i have on these i'm afraid! VISIT...
  2. eddsup

    Report - Leigham Tunnel, Plymouth, June 2018

    Leigham Tunnel also known as Cann tunnel was an old tramway tunnel built early 1820’s. It is 620 yards long and pretty straight. In WW2 it would of been used as an air raid shelter to hold 3000 people. I didn’t get a great picture but at half way point was a couple of small rooms that would of...