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  1. TranKmasT

    Report - Seisdon Quarry, Seisdon, June 2019

    I thought I'd give this a look after reading in the Express and Star it was meant to have be closed a the end of 2018. After visiting and finding it to be quite fresh I later found it had been given a reprieve to the end of July...
  2. TranKmasT

    Report - Davro Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, Bridgnorth March 2019

    When Mookster's report of this popped up last week I thought hang on, I know exactly where this is, I'll go and have a gander. The front onto the site is all hoarded up by Hovi Luxury homes ready for demoltion. The Davro Iron and Steel Company was formed in in Lye in 1949. The company...
  3. TranKmasT

    Report - WH Hill & Sons (Holloware) Ltd, Stourbridge, September 2015

    Couldn't find any history on the place, just that it was one of many holloware factories in the black country. There used to be one called Suttons near the Stourbridge ring road that closed in early 2000s and the other one I had a mooch around a while back was the old Cannon site at Deepfields...