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  1. Timpro_

    General - Tots tv house

    Hi guys this was my first abandoned explore This one is from October 2018 We went to the abandoned tots tv house - said to be a pretty sketchy explore with a very angry land owner, we managed to find it and got in and out without any interruptions. Unfortunately on the inside all the floor...
  2. TVurbex

    The Queen Victoria Public House (EastEnders), Borehamwood (late 2017)

    It was a Monday afternoon in east London and me and my mate Ian Beale were enjoying a pleasant spot of day drinking, when he suggested this place to me. I was a little dubious, given Ian's track record of life in general, but he assured me that it was a fine establishment. With Ian half cut, he...
  3. lolza22

    Report - TOTS TV HOUSE VISIT 2018

    So my apologies about this post coming late. Back in late May this year, I ventured to the Tots Tv House (Yes poor Tilly, Tom and Tiny’s house is now standing derelict). This was by far one of the sketchiest places I have been to, not only is it a hurdle to get to, the risk of getting caught...