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  1. TVurbex

    The Queen Victoria Public House (EastEnders), Borehamwood (late 2017)

    It was a Monday afternoon in east London and me and my mate Ian Beale were enjoying a pleasant spot of day drinking, when he suggested this place to me. I was a little dubious, given Ian's track record of life in general, but he assured me that it was a fine establishment. With Ian half cut, he...
  2. lolza22

    Report - TOTS TV HOUSE VISIT 2018

    So my apologies about this post coming late. Back in late May this year, I ventured to the Tots Tv House (Yes poor Tilly, Tom and Tiny’s house is now standing derelict). This was by far one of the sketchiest places I have been to, not only is it a hurdle to get to, the risk of getting caught...