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typhoo tea factory

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  1. GRONK

    Report - The Typhoo Tea Factory, Moreton - May 2024

    May 2024 The Visit I visited this place with @stranton and @Mr Budge. In the past, I have had a few attempts at seeing the neighbouring Burtons Biscuit factory, but I didn't have much luck back then. The old factory has since been demolished, and a new housing estate now stands in its place...
  2. Exploring.With.KMK

    Report - Typhoo Tea Factory - Birmingham, March 2019

    We know this place has been done many times, but as we are new starting up, we thought we’d make this our first explore. When we originally got there, we found no way in but we didn’t give up. After wondering around for about half hour, we noticed a couple of homeless guys inside, and after...
  3. E

    Report - Typhoo Tea Factory Birmingham November 2018

    Yes I know that this place has been done to death on here, but after many attempts of gaining entry to this place, I finally managed to get in today. After a quick look round, and carefully picking my way through the needles by the door, I found that this place is quite a good explore, and you...
  4. TudgeJ

    Report - Typhoo Tea Factory, Birmingham

    On Thursday 22nd March I took a trip down to Birmingham mostly to see what range of Derelict properties I could find, but also to find the Typhoo Tea Factory which I had largely anticipated. Passing through the Digbeth area the amount of properties didn't disappoint- the variety was endless...