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  1. FKL770

    Report - Carnatic Halls Student Housing - Mossley Hill, Merseyside - May 2022 (fixed)

    INTRODUCTION We got the train to Mosley hill (HATE NORTHEN TRAINS) and walked down towards the site, we sat on a wall for a bit pretending to be just hanging out chatting. When no cars were around I made the move and climbed over the wall with my friend. Inside the site we didn't know what to...
  2. P

    Toast Rack Report (Fallowfield, Manchester Nov 20)

    Recently went to the old Hollings Campus in Fallowfield, Manchester (commonly known as toast rack). Went around 3/4am on a clear night so views from the top floor/roof are really good if you catch the clouds and mist well. Photos will be attached. It’s quite a tricky one to get into past the...
  3. kvtie9

    Caerleon campus, January 2020

    Visited the film set location of Sex Education (Netflix original series) what an amazing place. Quite high security, we got in but then we got caught. Security are inside the main building.