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  1. Canderomi

    Report - RAF Upwood exploration - July 2020

    Last year between lockdowns some mates and I decided to visit a local abandoned RAF base before it was fully torn down for housing I'd heard a lot about Upwood but was still amazed by it The fact I knew so many others had explored this place made it feel like I wasn't alone here (as well as...
  2. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Upwood - Ramsey - October 2018

    RAF Upwood (Night time) This was one of my first introductions to exploring abandoned places, I had previously seen it in the day light but me and my friend went on a spontaneous trip here at night time. This allows a different perspective of it and to get more of an eerie vibe. There was no...
  3. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Upwood - Ramsey - August 2018

    RAF Upwood (Day time) I feel there is no need to go into the history of RAF Upwood as it is so well known. It is currently being torn down which is a shame because it had such a large impact when I first explored it and really made me get into urbexing so it will always have a special place in...