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  1. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Turner Brothers Asbestos (Flexitallic), Rochdale, January 2021

    Quick revisit to TBA in a very slighty snowy January On this visit we only entered the smaller looking building at the rear of the site. Fire Procedure notices show the building was once called TBA Flexitallic. After speaking to locals i have come to the conclusion that throughout this buildings...
  2. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Turner Brothers Asbestos, Rochdale, January 2021

    Quick revisit to TBA in a very slighty snowy January On this visit we only walked the external perimiter of the site. Security hiding in their hut. Didnt patrol the site at all. Although entry is very easy i reccoment at least wearing a P3 Mask and gloves if you are staying on the outside...
  3. joe_whipp_photography

    Report - Salford Cresent Police Station, Salford, March 2020

    Police station in salford opened in 1957. It was originally used as the head quarters of Salfprd city police station and CID department and later GMP's salford division. This beautiful building closed its doors for the last time in 2008 when the Pendleton police station opened. The insides are...
  4. Megmog93

    Report - Colchester Garrison's Officers Mess

    Hey guys, im new to this world and came across this old building in Colchester, essex. I believe it to be old garrison. As i was solo, and saw what i believed to be a pocket knife on the floor, i didnt stay long. However, i managed to get some good shots
  5. ForgottenProductions

    Video - Abandoned Game Show Set | Ontario, Canada

    Back in 2018 we took trip to this abandoned game show set is located in Ontario, Canada. Once used for the filming of a kids show called Splatalot, very similar to the adult version of Wipeout. A show were you must pass different obstacles within a certain amount of time in order to move to the...
  6. ForgottenProductions

    Video - Massive Abandoned Highschool | Ontario, Canada

    This abandoned high school is located in Northern Ontario, Canada. Left for decay after the province built a more modern and even larger school to accommodate the growing population in the area. We take you inside this amazing location and show you science labs with specimens, lecture halls and...
  7. ForgottenProductions

    Video Report - Abandoned Bowling Alley | Everything Left Behind

    We joined @Freaktography in this insane Abandoned Bowling Alley explore. Built in the 1970's, this bowling alley has left a major imprint on the neighborhood it now sits vacant in. With thousands of people's memorie's, birthday's and leagues now having to find a new place to have a bit of fun...