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  1. ForgottenProductions

    Video Report - Abandoned Bowling Alley | Everything Left Behind

    We joined @Freaktography in this insane Abandoned Bowling Alley explore. Built in the 1970's, this bowling alley has left a major imprint on the neighborhood it now sits vacant in. With thousands of people's memorie's, birthday's and leagues now having to find a new place to have a bit of fun...
  2. ForgottenProductions

    Hello from Canada!

    Hey everyone, We are Forgotten Productions, urban explorers from Toronto Ontario Canada. You can find us on places like Instagram, Twitter and also YouTube (Links are all below) Instagram: @forgotten_productions_416 Twitter: @Forgotten_416 YouTube...
  3. T

    Manchester Urbexing

    Hi everyone, I would like to find someone to go and explore Greater Manchester and do a bit of Urbexing and photography. Please get in touch if you fancy meeting up for a trip :)