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  1. kvtie9

    Aunt violets house, London, August 2019

    Just another house, not much information on this place unfortunately. Wish I had some sort of history but I don’t.
  2. kvtie9

    Billionaires row, London, August 2019

    Very incredible place, crazy to see this.
  3. C

    Report - Winstanley Hall urbex/exploration part 1

    These are some of the images from my recent visit to the abandoned and derelict Winstanley Hall that has been left to rot for over 30 years now. Had no problems getting in and even found some fellow urbexers exploring and tagged along with them. I got a warning from a tenant on messenger for...
  4. GenerationWhyProductions

    Hello from Ipswich!

    Hi. I’m a human being from Ipswich, Suffolk. I love exploring abandoned places and sometimes, if I can be bothered, I might actually film my visit. I’ve only just started to really get into UE so I don’t have a huge list of places, but I’m looking forward to discovering as many as possible. If...